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The Yichang City

Yichang is located in west area of Hubei province, which is widely known for the Three Gorges Dam and Xinling Gorge (the largest and most downstream of the Three Gorges). The central urban area of Yichang is split between Yiling, Xiling and Wujiagang district.

Yichang BRT

Yichang BRT runs in the center of the road, and has 38 stations with an average distance of 620 meters between them. The whole BRT system serve for residents of three central districts. The Dongshan Avenue section started service on July 15, 2015, and the corridor in Yiling District started service November 24, 2015. Yichang BRT won the 2016 Sustainable Transport Award.

About Us

The aim of the group is to gather transport enthusiasts who are concerned with urban construction and development of Yichang. We hope we could build a public communication & interaction platform for public tranport lovers, urban construction fans and enthusiastic volunteers.

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